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By default, sources are objects represented by each file under source/. Sources that have YAML frontmatter are considered special in that they can be formatted.

What is YAML frontmatter? It is best to compare examples:

# This is a markdown file without YAML frontmatter

... compared to...

layout: default

# This is a markdown file with YAML frontmatter

As you can see, there is a chunk of YAML in the second example. It is delimited by ---. The YAML frontmatter is parsed and injected into every page rendering and is accessible as page.KEY.

Deep Frontmatter YAML Structures

Sculpin will read deep structures in YAML frontmatter. Just use a . to indicate that you want to descend into a structure. For example:

layout: default
        very: deep
        also: deep

We can reference `{{ }} === deep`.