PHP Static Site Generator

Sculpin is a static site generator written in PHP. It converts Markdown files, Twig templates and standard HTML into a static HTML site that can be easily deployed.

Why Sculpin?

PHP 7 static site generator. Fast and easy to get started. If your language of choice is PHP, you'll feel right at home if you need to extend Sculpin.

Composer-based installation. Forget about managing library versions manually! Sculpin installs using Composer to give you extra flexibility with any project you're building.

Twig templates. Twig is a full-featured modern template engine. It's approachable to learn and it is extensible, documented, concise and flexible.

Symfony's HTTP Kernel. Sculpin is built on it. This lets you use Symfony Bundles to extend Sculpin for any advanced functionality you need without extending Sculpin directly.

Get Started

Ready for a taste of Sculpin? Check out the Quick Start Guide!

Advanced users can jump directly into a Sculpin project using Composer and the Sculpin Blog Skeleton:

composer create-project sculpin/blog-skeleton myblog


If you have questions please make sure to check in with the Sculpin community! Whether it be IRC, Twitter, or mailing list, we are here for you!

Powered by Sculpin

Here is a quick sampling of Sculpin powered sites in the wild. Have a Sculpin powered site you'd like to have showcased here? Send a Pull Request to the repository on GitHub, or reach out to @getsculpin on Twitter!