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There are a few of ways to download Sculpin. The easiest way is to add Sculpin and any of its development dependencies to the composer.json for your site. Don't have a composer.json yet? Create one!

Confused about which option is best for your use case? Ask the Sculpin community! They will be happy to help. :)

Download via Composer

Sculpin can be added to any existing Composer managed project by simply requiring Sculpin (and a couple of other dev dependencies) in composer.json.

    "require": {
        "sculpin/sculpin": "^2.1@dev",

        "dflydev/embedded-composer": "@dev"

By default this will install Sculpin to vendor/bin/sculpin.

The best version of Sculpin to be running right now is the most recent develompent version for 2.1. Since there are no public releases for 2.1.*, you'll need to specify @dev for your Sculpin dependency.

Sculpin currently relies on Embedded Composer which does not have a stable release. In order to avoid having to set minimum-stability to dev, these packages can be flagged as @dev to ensure Composer will install everything correctly.

Download via Git

Sculpin can be downloaded via git to be used while being under development. Either clone the Sculpin project directly or fork and clone the fork.

git clone
cd sculpin
composer install

At this point, bin/sculpin should be usable.

If you want to make your development version of Sculpin available, create a symlink to it from somewhere in your $PATH. For example, to create a sculpin-dev command and assuming that ~/bin is in your $PATH, execute the following:

ln -s ~/sculpin/bin/sculpin ~/bin/sculpin-dev

This will allow you to have a globally installed version of Sculpin (like maybe sculpin.phar) along side a development version of Sculpin (sculpin-dev).

Important Notice Regarding Git

Global installation is not recommended as each Sculpin site could have runtime dependencies that are not compatible with the globally installed version of Sculpin. This has been a popular method of maintaining Sculpin sites in the past, though, so notes are still left here. Just keep in mind that it will probably be better to run the Sculpin that gets installed specifically for your site.