The easiest way to download Sculpin is to head over to the Get Started guide. The guide walks you through creating a Sculpin-based blog.

Another option is to add Sculpin to the composer.json for your site. This is particularly useful if the site you're planning to create is not specifically a blog.

Don't have a composer.json yet? No worries - running the composer require command can automatically create one for you. Or, you can run composer init to create a blank starting point.

Confused about which option is best for your use case? Ask the Sculpin community! They will be happy to help. :)

Install with Composer

Sculpin can be added to any existing Composer managed project by requiring it:

composer require sculpin/sculpin

The entry point for running Sculpin commands is vendor/bin/sculpin.

The best version of Sculpin to be running right now is version 3.0.

Download via Git

Sculpin can be downloaded with git. This is mainly useful if you want to work on changes to sculpin. Either clone the Sculpin project directly or fork and clone the fork:

git clone
cd sculpin
composer install

At this point, bin/sculpin should be usable.


In the past, it was recommended to install Sculpin globally. This has been deprecated for various reasons, including moving away from the "phar" approach to Sculpin distribution.

Installing Sculpin on a per-site basis using Composer allows greater flexibility with dependencies.