Formatters are responsible for formatting sources. This can be considered a view or template layer.

Sculpin ships with one formatter, Twig.

Twig Formatter

The Twig Formatter is responsible for laying out individual sources into nicer "complete" files. Most of the time this will be formatting into an HTML file but there are definitely cases when files will be formatted as CSS, JavaScript, or XML (Atom or RSS).


The Twig Formatter can be configured by adjusting the following sculpin_kernel.yml settings:

  • sculpin_twig.view_paths: List of directories (relative to source/) that should be searched for Twig templates. Default value is ['_views', '_layouts', '_partials', '_includes'].
  • sculpin_twig.extensions: List of extensions for files that should be used to indicate a file is a Twig template. Default value is ['', 'twig', 'html', 'html.twig', 'twig.html'].