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Community Extensions

Community-made extensions are a great way to extend the capabilities of your Sculpin site.

Know of an extension that belongs on this list? Send a Pull Request to the repository on GitHub, or reach out to @getsculpin on Twitter!

Meta Navigation Bundle

This extension helps you build navigation menus for your site.

To make a menu item visible, add a menu_title entry to the page's front matter.

Then, loop on to produce your menu, allowing up to 3 levels of depth.

Icelus Thumbnail Generator

Generate thumbnails from within Twig:

<a href="image.jpg"><img src="{{ thumbnail('image.jpg', 100, 100) }}"></a>

Related Posts Bundle

List five related posts (based on tag and category correlations) below any given post:

{% if page.related %}
  {% for relate in page.related %}
  <li><a href="{{ relate.source.url }}">{{ relate.title }}</a></li>
  {% endfor %}
{% endif %}

Twig Markdown Bundle

Process markdown strings from within Twig:

{{ some_content|markdown }}

Sort By Field Bundle

From within Twig, allows you to sort arrays by key:

{% for i in myArray | sortbyfield('array_sort_key') %}
  {{ i.array_sort_key }}
{% endfor %}