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Embedded Composer

Sculpin embeds Composer into itself to reduce the requirement to download and install Composer prior to using Sculpin. Additionally, since Sculpin is shipped as a phar, embedding Composer allows Sculpin to remain extensible at runtime. This would not be possible otherwise.

This should hopefully remain largely transparent to users with two exceptions. First, it introduces two files to keep track of, sculpin.json and sculpin.lock. Second, there are a handful of required dependencies that are needed to be required in sculpin.json.

What are sculpin.json and sculpin.lock?

Unless you are downloading Sculpin via Composer (by requiring Sculpin in a composer.json file) Sculpin will look for sculpin.json for any install or update commands. There is nothing fancy about sculpin.json as it is simply a composer.json with a different name.

Along those same lines, sculpin.lock is just a composer.lock with a different name.

This is to ensure that you will never unintentionally mix and match Composer installed Sculpin (considered advanced functionality) with globally installed versions of Composer (phar or shared development versions of Sculpin). Doing so may result in lockfile thrashing.

If there is a sculpin.json, you should run sculpin install. If there is a composer.json, you should run composer install.

Sculpin will run without a sculpin.json. It is only needed if you need to add additional dependencies specific to your site or project.